This sounds like a great program for me to be part of. I could really use a friendly voice and someone to talk to each month. I think it’s great my eye doctor is offering this.
— Vision Practice patient. 06/2019

Today, I spoke to a person who was not sure if they wanted to stay in the program. She wanted further details about what we do. I explained to her that the program was started by Medicare to assist patients to have better care and health management. She then said that she felt a lot better and decided to stay enrolled in the program.
— Patient Advocate regarding Primary Care Practice patient. 06/2019

Dr. F. is really smart and really good at what he does.
— Neurology Practice Patient 06/2019

I just love calling you because you are all so helpful.
— Neurology Practice Patient after receiving resources for transportation. 06/2019

I’m so glad of these calls because I know I have another person to contact.
— Primary Care Patient 06/2019

I really enjoy talking with my monthly patients. I try and assist them the best I can month to month and believe they are benefiting from the program.
— Patient Advocate. 06/2019

I am so much better mentally and physically healthier; maybe I should say emotionally because I don’t like the way mentally sounds. I think I had a good reason to feel the way i did, but I am better now. Tell my doctor I really appreciate these calls.
— Primary Care Patient 06/2019

I am so happy that I went to the ER. I had a lot of fluid around my lungs and my heart was more enlarged than normal. I appreciate you suggesting that I should go to either the ER or urgent care. I also appreciate that you took the time to follow up with me after the fact.
— Primary Care Patient 06/2019

I haven’t eaten in 3 days, thank you for hooking me up with the Meals on Wheels program. It is great to see that my doctor cares about me and that he connected us together.
— Primary Care Patient 05/2018

These calls have really helped my husband and I. They also have really helped with our relationship so much. Thank you.
— Primary Care Patient 04/2019

It is always great talking to you. I always feel better after our monthly talks.
— Neurology Practice Patient 08/2018

I am a double amputee and would like to drive. Thank you, Javier, for connecting me with an organization that can outfit my car with the necessary equipment. My doctor is the greatest for bringing us together.
— Neurological practice patient

We’re so happy to talk to you. It’s so nice to have someone who listens.
— Primary Care Patient, who contacts their advocate for prescription drug patient assistance

You are doing the hardwork for our patients and we appreciate that. The ‘To do’ list we get from our office voicemails has been significantly reduced, making my workload easier

Thank you for your assistance with my $10,000 cancer medication. Between the assistance from the manufacturer and the patient assistance program, my cost has been reduced to zero.

Patient was very reluctant in talking to me at first. Her major concern was I was phishing for information and she thought I was up to no good. I reassured her how I was an extension of her doctor and that I was willing to be an advocate and another form of communication for her. Throughout our conversation and shared previous examples of what i had done for other patients and what resources I was able to allocate and connect her with. After finally bringing her wall down and opening up a little more she asked me ‘Why are you helping me? With my current circumstances of living in the projects, how do i even qualify for this type of help?’. I am happy to report she has been one of my most in depth patients’ where I have been able to assist her with getting home care services and non emergency medical transportation for her visits. Working hand in hand with her doctor, I have been able to get her referred to a pain management facility for a previous fall she had experienced. Being able to be there for her after that incident and getting her the assistance and following up throughout the whole process has really created an impact in this patient’s life.
— Patient Advocate regarding Primary Care Practice patient 05/2018

You are the answer to my prayers, I feel like I can have hope.

You are so easy to talk to. You read between the lines and understand that it’s not always what I say, but how I say it. You are not just doing a job. I can tell you enjoy it and you do it very well.
— Neurological practice patient

I am very impressed with the program and extremely happy you care for me as a patient.

I must tell you, in our last conversation, you mentioned the boxing classes. I signed up for the boxing class in San Luis Obispo and it’s been great for me. I am doing better and better and I feel so good. Thank you for that. I have also signed up for the Parkinson’s Disease dance class and it’s good too. I get a mental and physical workout. Thank you for understanding and for listening to me.
— Neurological practice patient

Communication has improved since I started this program. It feels like my doctor really cares even if he is busy.

We think its great that Medicare has someone that will advocate for us.

Do you have to wait four weeks to call me back? I wish you could call sooner.
— Neurological practice patient 11/2018

I just think you are the nicest person. I think it is great that you call me every month to see how I am.

A patient mentioned to me that her Medicare card had something on it about Silver Sneakers and she wondered what that was about. She stated that she tried to look it up on the internet but got frustrated trying to find it. She asked me if I could help her. I was able to look it up for her and gave her the locations of gyms that offer that program in her area. The next month, she reported that she had indeed joined Silver Sneakers at the YMCA and as a result started taking other classes and exercising more. She was happy to report that she is no longer taking her Metformin and a couple other medications.
— Patient Advocate regarding Primary Care Practice patient.

“I was able to make an appointment for my scan next Monday. Thank you again for the quick information
— Primary Care Patient 05/2019